how to start a youtube channel

How to Start Youtube Channel with Zero Balance

If in your mind one question rising every hour that How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance, So this is the post for you read and please comment below. If you agree with these tips.

how to start a youtube channel

I know this depends on you, how to take these tips in your mind and how to start your journey on YouTube or on another platform. Everyone wants to make a channel on YouTube and become popular and make money from this. But few people succeed in this field.

You are a beginner and want to know how to start a YouTube channel? but you don’t have enough money to purchase an expensive product like Mic, Camera, Lights, Background setup and most important thing is which type of Content I use. Don’t worry here you will find everything.

If you watch YouTube videos regularly than of course know many famous YouTuber and they say you don’t need to buy expensive products to become a great and popular Youtuber. If you have a capacity to create knowledgeable or any kind of content which likes everybody.

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 1. Choose your desired field

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Motivation
  • Fitness
  • Songs & Dance
  • Short films
  • Vlogging
  • Kitchen & Food
  • Beauty & Makeup
  • News Updates



In this category, all the Youtuber show their talents and tells about Fashion & why not in these days fashion is the most trending topic amongst youth and elders as well. You will get many Youtube Channel related Fashion and today’s trends.

Fashion field is about your creative part, if you have the zeal which can create something unique and want to share to everyone via YouTube then you will grow very early.


Technology is the category which is the most popular topic in India and the world as well. In this section, many topics are included whether that is Smartphone tech, Computer tech, Internet world many more.

Just search recently launched smartphone’s unboxing & review and you will get more than 100 videos, Just like this, all the electronic and tech products reviews are available ion YouTube. Also, they show everything related to tech and electronics Like – earphones, power bank, Smart TV, Laptops, Cameras, house appliances, etc.


This is the best category to boost your life and mind, how to live life, trend yourself many things related to improving lives, and of course, motivation speech and examples are always to motivate us to stand and face a tough time.

In this section, if you have that much quality or superpower to motivate others like Sandeep Maheshwari, Vivek Bindra, Sonu Sharma and many more. They are such great speakers in India.


If you are Fitness freak and have enough good knowledge and interested to teach about fitness exercises, diet plans, aerobics than this will suit you. On YouTube, many professional fitness trainers are available with enough subscribers and followers.

This section for those who are certified and trained people, so please stay away from this if you want to come for a hobby. The fitness YouTuber shows yoga, gyming and all the exercises with different tricks for different people.


These are the few main category and subject of How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance, which will help to understand and choose the right YouTube category.

Songs & Dance

Many dancers and singers show their talents on YouTube and they are doing very well and getting popularity. Usually, if you have some talents of dancing and singing, you are welcome on YouTube because this the best platform to show your real talent.

On a daily basis, you can prepare your dance and singing rehearsal and shoot your videos in any background, just show the real and best talent. I bet you nobody can stop.

Short films

Short-films can you create with some great dialogues, directing, script with some good actor, then this is for you. On YouTube, you will find many acting channels and of course roasting as well.

Usually, most of the people like to watch comedy acts and also some drama about a couple, if you have any idea to related this or any kind of short film idea. You can choose this and this is the teamwork because you can’t make a film alone.


Are you crazy about traveling and show the best places to visit, whether that is shopping place, tourist, Best Food place, any kind of best market of products and so many places for a specific thing or more? I can say that just shoot the video and upload. Many people are searching for the best places.

Kitchen & Food

I don’t want to share my favorite dish to anyone, what about you? if you are interested to make delicious dishes and love to share, how to make that? and also want to share your kitchen to everybody who loves and crazy about new dishes.

Why wait? just shoot the video from your mobile or camera and upload. Surely you will go higher on YouTube. and after success please don’t forget to comment here and share your experience.

Beauty & Makeup

In these days Makeup field is creating their won world. Makeup videos are going viral easily if your video is amazing in Makeup field. also, you can share facial, massage, and any kind of face or body therapy which is related to Beauty.

On YouTube, many videos are available related to makeup whether that is about bridal, party, engagement, and regular grooming makeup. Many girls and boys keen to learn about makeup and hair work, so you can teach them via your YouTube channel.

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News Updates

In a very busy schedule many and most of the people can’t read a newspaper or watch a TV news channel, but it does not mean this is not an important thing. I am going to share you one thing if you have a talent that you can summarize the story and can tell in some words so let’s start a channel for daily news updates.

Many YouTube channel gives news about tech, cricket, daily serial news, Bollywood news, and also taking interview of celebrities and make some popularity with this.

I am not saying you choose any topic from these, just take your time and think about what you want to do, what is your passion. Which will go longer than start and share with everyone via YouTube.

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 2. How to Create YouTube Channel

No need to extra knowledge or money to create a YouTube account and make your channel. Nowadays almost everybody has an Android smartphone, and to start google play you have to create or inter Gmail ID, and with that Gmail id you can sign in as a YouTuber Account.

Just Go to YouTube Official App or Website and click on sign in or create new account link, all the process and options will come automatic step by step just enter your personal details and confirmation code and link, that’s it you have done the necessary process.

Now click on the right side has given profile pic you will get all the options including my channel, in this section, you have to enter and take a setup tour for name, descriptions, poster image and many more little things which are must to tick or fill.

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 3. Must-Have things

Before start, a YouTube Channel, just know the things which are compulsory.

  • Content – Should be in demand, True, User-based
  • Consistency – On YouTube Consistency is the key to success
  • Voice quality – Voice should be clear and Worth listening to
  • Video quality – The quality of the video should be watchable with stabilization

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 4. Whatever you have That is perfect

For Video – You can shoot and record your content video via your Smartphone also you can use screen recording from your smartphone and laptop if you are making any tutorial videos and content available on the same product.

One thing I will recommend always, that is stabilization so please before recording put your smartphone on the stable areas or you can use a cheap tripod. While recording videos shake and blur will be a disadvantage for your content.

For Voice – Voice is the main section where you have to use some tricks. If you don’t have any Mic and your budget is allowing to buy a Mic which can fit in your smartphone or Laptop. Just use your earphone as a mic and record videos with earphone mic.

If possible so make your video content at night because the background noise is very irritating. Also, you can dub your voice after record the video.

These are the tips of How to Start a Youtube Channel with Zero Balance, which will help to create videos with whatever things you have right now. So please read and apply these.

For Editing – I have created a post about editing software but this list is about paid software but you can take a look best video editing software for YouTube for video, also the free video editing software is available in the market.

The few free versions video editor comes with without watermark and some with watermark. The point is how much matters watermark on your video? so here I want to say no it does not matter a lot. If your content, video and voice quality is good, Of course, everyone like your videos.

Some video editor you can try –

  • BeeCut (Without watermark)
  • iMovie (without the watermark)
  • ClipMix (without the watermark)
  • Kinemaster (with watermark)
  • PowerDirector (with watermark)
  • Adobe premier Clip
  • Video Show

For laptop- many software are available in a free trial version without any watermark, also available free of cost in another source with patch and serial code. You have to search on Google for that and this is ok for short term uses, for long term use I prefer a legal way to download the free version or purchase the software after learning.

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How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 5. Create best thumbnails for your video

Online you can use many online sites to create free Youtube Thumbnail for your video and this process is very easy to use just go to the software site and choose your files and apply some effects and do your crop and text work.

Also, many free apps are available in the Google play store, just go to google play store app and search YouTube Thumbnails maker. Choose any and make your thumbnail from your smartphone.

This is the image related step of How to Start a Youtube Channel with Zero Balance which will visible first to your viewers, and get click impressions and force to watch your content.

The main advantage of the free online thumbnails maker software is they support multi-tools so you can edit and create the thumbnail without learning the software like Photoshop and others.

I recommend some free online youtube video thumbnails maker software

  • Fotojet
  • Adobe Spark
  • Snappa
  • Backgrounder
  • Canva

Smartphone Apps-


How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 6. The Important part is SEO

Yes, You heard right SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is an important thing for videos too, If you are confused that this is part of Websites and Blogs so, finally don’t be because of SEO matters for YouTube videos as much as Website & Blogs.

So let’s learn about some easy tips of YouTube SEO –

Title – YouTube video title should be a keyword related to your content like – if you are making a video about movies site where the movie download is free and also available in dual audio. So the Title should be – the best site to download movies free with Dual audio.

You can keep your title in 60 laters because YouTube doesn’t take the longer title. If you can create two titles in 60 laters related to content which will be good. You can also search on google for your Titles and take an idea which is in demand and most searched keyword related to the Content topic.

Descriptions – The description part is available in the below video section after the title. You can make a description using your title and keywords and make sure your description in details with right keyword it matters a lot.

You have to tell about your video content via description because Youtube and Google search thair user searches via keywords. If you put the right description so the video will show on the first page of the search.

Put your affiliates links here, also put your multiple links like the previous video, social accounts, and your music credit, hash# tag.

Tags – You can put your main keywords as tags with a separate comma, choose many keywords related from content and use them for a better search result.

You can share your video link on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc.

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 7. Check Channel & Video Performance from one App

YT Studio ( YouTube Studio) is the main app which provides you all the information about your channel and videos. Also, you can see the particular video performance and their performance graphs for watch time, views, likes, dislikes, Revenue, and many things.

You can edit old video including thumbnails, Tags, Description, Title, and monetization settings. also can see comments and reply to them, means one app can do your every type of work from anywhere else.

The YT Studio App shows all type of notifications when any important thing happens on your YouTube Channel and videos as well. Whenever viewers watch your content and ask something via comment then you will get a notification via this YT Studio app.

This is a step of How to Start a Youtube Channel with Zero Balance to see all the details related to your YouTube channel and YouTube Videos and also manage almost everything from this app.

How to Start a YouTube Channel with Zero Balance

Step 8. Some points to growing channel faster

Consistency – Consistency is the key to get success surely on YouTube, maintain video uploading timing and limit is the best way to promote and get subscriber fast.

Comments Reply – Always be ready to show interest in viewers comment, whatever they ask for, you have to reply and in a genuine way.

Clear Subject – Always try to clear the subject and don’t stretch the video excessive, because the viewer doesn’t engage with longer video without a very interesting subject. Just make the video cut to cut about the subject.

No copyright Content – If you use any type of copyright content whether that is music, images, video or voice, It will impact on your channel. Use your won making content and use copyright free material like background music they provide copyright-free music.

As this many sites provide Royalty-free music, images, videos so go to google and visit them and download for your channel videos.

Social App – After creating YouTube Channel and posting something, don’t forget to create an account in Social networking platforms like – Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. Always ask your viewers for subscribing your channel and follow social networking accounts for more updates.

These are the best tips of this How to Start a Youtube Channel with Zero Balance topic to grow the channel in a genuine way.

Just Notice one thing if your intention is earning money only from YouTube channel, and that’s why creating a channel so, don’t take tension you will get failed. Just come to share your knowledge showing your interest you will never fail and also earn much more.

Keep patience and do your best, in this field nobody get success overnight. It takes time

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