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“Made In Heaven 2 Review: Zoya Akhtar-Reema Kagti Deliver a Good-Looking, High-Drama, and Emotion-Filled Show”

The Glittering Return of Wedding Planners

After a five-year wait, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti bring back the beloved wedding planners to orchestrate the grand celebrations of Delhi’s elite. The second season of “Made In Heaven” offers a blend of drama, emotions, and high-society shenanigans. The creators’ strengths and weaknesses shine through, as they present a visually appealing and emotionally charged narrative that delves into the lives behind the lavish exteriors.

Made In Heaven 2 review

Characters and Settings: Unpacking the Perfect Exteriors

The main characters find themselves in various states when the new season unfolds. Karan Mehra and Tara Khanna, partners in a struggling wedding planning firm, navigate new challenges with the arrival of a formidable boss. Tara’s turbulent divorce proceedings with her millionaire husband and the complexities of relationships within the team add depth to the storyline. New characters like Meher Chaudhary and the charming chef Raghav Sinha introduce diversity and fresh dynamics to the narrative.

Themes and Challenges: Shiny Exteriors and Inner Turmoil

The series effectively juxtaposes the glamorous lifestyles of the ultra-rich with their inner conflicts. Weddings in production are perpetually on the brink of cancellation, prompting questions about their viability. The show highlights the significance of family dynamics and societal expectations in Indian weddings. Themes of colorism, classism, religious traditions, same-sex relationships, and more are skillfully woven into the narrative, often creating a fine balance between drama and authenticity.

Performances and Character Depth: Portraying Complexity

The cast delivers commendable performances, portraying characters with depth and nuance. Sobhita Dhulipala excels as the vulnerable yet vindictive Tara, while Jim Sarbh captures the complexities of his character Adil. Newcomer Trinetra Haldar shines as Meher, representing an often-ignored segment of society. Arjun Mathur’s portrayal of Karan stands out, bringing warmth and complexity to his character.

Narrative Techniques: Strengths and Overemphasis

The show’s narrative techniques contribute to its appeal, as characters navigate through challenges and crises. However, the show occasionally overemphasizes its themes through neatly tied aphorisms at the end of episodes. This approach may undermine the viewers’ intelligence and understanding of the narrative. The counter-intuitive voiceover in the wrap, though, adds a bittersweet and realistic touch to a series centered on love and relationships.

Conclusion: A Glittering Tapestry of Love and Realism

“Made In Heaven” Season 2 showcases the strengths and weaknesses of its creators, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, as they skillfully blend drama, emotion, and societal themes within the backdrop of opulent weddings. The intricately detailed characters, thematic depth, and stellar performances make the show a captivating watch. While some narrative choices might be questioned, the show’s ability to engage viewers with tales of true love remains its heart and soul.

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