USA Safe City

10 Safest City of USA

by low crime rates and a high standard of living 

1. Naperville, Illinois 

Naperville consistently ranks among the safest cities in the United States, owing to its tight-knit community and minimal crime rates.

2. Irvine, California

Known for its exceptional schools and well-planned neighborhoods, Irvine is a secure and family-friendly city.

3. Gilbert, Arizona 

Gilbert, a rapidly growing city, is acclaimed for its robust economy and a reputation for low crime.

4. Frisco, Texas 

Frisco stands out with its low crime rates, excellent schools, and a thriving job market

5. Cary, North Carolina 

Cary, a picturesque town, is celebrated for its strong sense of community and remarkably low crime rates.

6. Plano, Texas 

Plano is recognized for its low crime rate, outstanding schools, and a flourishing economy. 

7. The Woodlands, Texas 

This master-planned community near Houston is known for its safety, natural beauty, and high quality of life. 

8. Allen, Texas 

Allen is a family-friendly city, distinguished by its low crime rates and top-notch schools.

Murrieta is a growing city with a vibrant sense of community and a history of low crime rates. 

9. Murrieta, California

10. Round Rock, Texas 

Round Rock is renowned for its safety, exceptional schools, and a welcoming atmosphere. 

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