Best Mind related Technology Movies of All Time

5 Best Mind related Technology Movies of All Time

If you are searching for the Best Mind-related Technology Movies of All Time so, this is the post for you. These are the movies full-packed with Sci-Fi, thriller, action, and the most important that are mind-blowing effects.

Best Mind related Technology Movies of All Time

We see in this era many Hollywood and Indian movies based on mind expansion and technology that bend our mind to understand these movies concepts.

I will tell you the 5 Best Mind-related Technology Movies of All Time that relates to the mind and technology too and you should watch. I say you must watch these movies because of these best mind-bending movies you can learn many things.

The 5 best mind expansion movies forced to think you about topics that you will watch in these movies and the movies are available in English and Hindi audio format both.

What is the thing about it?

The movies teach us about technology and human invention that will happen in the future, because “what you can think you can do that” but I know the truth that many people think rubbish about these best invention movies.

Here I am asking one question that in the last 50 years we have innovated many things like the Internet, satellites, air to air voice receivers (mobiles and sims), and many things that we are using right now.

So why these movies are rubbish, I am telling you because just limitations of thinking, just think about the universe that is beyond our thoughts.

Our life’s limited goals and limited lifestyle- just wake up in mornings and do whatever have done yesterday same lifestyle and same thoughts as usual about making money and make a better house meeting with friends and so ON.

Let’s Talk about 5 Best Mind related Technology Movies of All Time

1. Source Code (2011) –

The Movie is about a computer program called source code and in the movie they use it to find a bomber via this program.

The film received many terrific reviews and likes with an ultimate storyline and effects and the story keeps you engage with the film for all time.

The movie was a blockbuster and the whole gross profit is over $147.3 million worldwide and the movie related to brain activity

The movie’s characters are very good and act like real characters If you love to watch human and computer power together so watch this best mind-related technology movie.

This is a great movie and the well-built storyline makes it #1 on this 5 Best Mind-related Technology Movies of All Time list.


2. Lucy (2014) –

The Movie is about mind expansion after taking the CPH4 drug in a huge quantity and in this mind-bending movie you can watch the real power of a brain.

The movie was a super hit and the actress scarlet johnsons made a well-performed act with her acting skills and looks.

The movie crosses the profit of over $463 million that is a huge success for a movie but everything has 2 sides positive and negative, many reviewers appreciated and many said it does not make any sense movie.

If you are love to watch some exciting and new imaginary things so, definitely this movie is for you and you will surely enjoy the best mind-related Hollywood movie.

I like the movie and its concept that why I recommend the movie in #2 on this Best Mind-related Technology Movies of All Time list.


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3. The Martian (2015) –

The movie is about an astronaut, who is accidentally left on the mars planet and the team think that he died and how he survived a long time in the mars and made history. And how he sent a message to his team that he is alive and surviving in the mars.

The movie’s total earnings were around $630.2 worldwide and this is a huge success for the filmmakers and got many awards and nominations in many categories.

If you love to explore mars planet and love to watch survivor movies so this is the best surviving kind of Hollywood movie, NASA was also involved in this movie and helped a lot in making it to filmmakers.

NASA was involved in making so when you will watch the movie will get the best scenes, sound, and realistic videography.


4. Transcendence (2014) –

This is a Hollywood fiction and sci-fi thriller movie with the brilliant star cast  Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Kate Mara, Cillian Murphy, Paul Bettany, Morgan Freeman, and Cole Hauser.

The main character Dr. Will Caster is a scientist and working on artificial intelligence and wants to create a machine that will work and know human emotions.

The best mind expansion movie was not that hit as other movies listed above but did well around more than its $100 million, and many critics said its story platform is not good and got many negative reviews.

If you are like these types of sci-fi fiction movies so don’t forget to watch them, you will enjoy the movie.

One thing the movie is not available in Hindi audio so you have to download subtitles online.


5. Oblivion (2013) –

This is the last but not the least movie in this list and the movie is about living after the war to aliens and in this between you can see all the super effects and technology robots and drones and much more.

The best Sci-Fi Hollywood movie was a successful film of Tom Cruise with a gross profit of $286 million worldwide and the movie budget was $160 million.

The movie got many good and bad reviews and critics said this is not a well-scripted movie but the movie has all the things for a one-time watch and enjoy the movie.

It is available in Hindi and English audio format both you can download online in HD and Full HD and used locations and effects are showing in the Full HD quality is awesome.

If you are interested in Sci-Fi effects movies so, you will surely enjoy the movie with full of intentions 😉


Conclusion –

These are some movies with the Sci-Fi, thriller and mind expansion genre and I have listed these because I have watched all the 5 Best Mind related Technology Movies of All Time and in my personal experience if you love to watch these kinds of movies so also they are super duper Hollywood movie that should watch.

I will add more movies to this list after watching good movies like these so stay tuned and follow to find the updates.

If you like the post of  5 Best Mind related Technology Movies of All Time so don’t forget to comment below 🙂

Thank You

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