best fitness app for health

Best Fitness App for Health

If you are worried about your fitness and health so here you will find the best fitness app for health with details.

best fitness app for health

Nowadays few people think about Health and fitness because of more people busy with there a tight schedule and busy life in office, travel, and for many more things which is important for daily life and should be But …

You should not ignore your fitness and a good health because health is wealth If you will be fit and healthy so you do not need a doctor at early ages and you can save money as well.

If you guess so what kind of thing you carry daily and every moment with you, Here I am telling you that is your Smartphone, am I right?

I think a smartphone is that thing which is with you every time because in this generation you cant forget your smartphone’s notifications to check for a whole day, Believe it or not, but this is true.

So let’s do some very useful and profitable activity with your smartphone which will be good for health and fitness If you can strongly follow it. Here I am recommending useful 5 Best Fitness App for Health, You can install these Best Fitness and Health Apps from google play store.

List of best Best Fitness App for Health →

1.  HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach, Calorie Counter

2 . 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

3. Lose Weight in 30 Days

4. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

5. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Details of best Best Fitness App for Health →

1.  HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach, Calorie Counter

This is an Awarded app as a Best fitness app for health in google play store for 3 years, The app has 100000 databases of Indian foods that provides easy to track your day and night meal.

In this app has many unique options like consult top fitness trainers and nutritionists online in India and for regular exercise, you can set it according to you, It also provides you the best yoga teachers and they will give you personalized training and meal routine.

Helth app also provides you health wellness program for boosting your productivity, This is one of the best fitness app for health for your Android phone.

2 . 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home –

This app is for those they are not interested in Gym and outside of activity because it’s totally based on the workout at home that suits anybody for anytime. There is 3 level of exercises for beginners to advance.

If you follow it properly so you will get benefits result definitely because 30 day fitness challenge provides step by step daily exercise routine that helps you to lose weight and keep strong.

The app has many automatic features like it records progress of training in daily basis, remind you to take challenges in daily basis, increases exercise step by step and you can share your challenges and growth on social media like facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Try it best fitness app for health and workout and be happy.

3. Lose Weight in 30 Days –

Lose weight in 30 days app is designed for reducing weight fast but in a safe way and also it provides your regular diet plan and it is scientifically proven to improve your fitness and health.

The workout plan for arms, back, legs, abdominal and butt are separately available here and you can choose your plan and reduce extra fat from your body, they give you fully animated style and videos to explain the exercise.

If you follow it in right way so you don’t need any equipment to reduce the weight, so you can do your workout at home anytime easily. Try this best fitness app for health and see the difference in your body shape.

4. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

8fit app for those who want to change there, It’s not for weight loss, exercise or diet it’s all about to get fit.

If you are not going to gym or yoga classes so this is for you because you can exercise anywhere at home, park or hotel to use it without any equipment, challenge yourself and know your strength and you can build muscles in your current bodyweight.

It is not providing you strict diet plan but this will teach you about a healthy lifestyle that creates daily habits to do exercise at home, park or anywhere where you will be comfortable.

This app has also all the features that others have like daily routine challenges, a pedometer for counting your step, variety and level of exercises, activity tracking, fitness trainer tips and more. Install this best fitness app for health and get fit and enjoy a  healthy lifestyle.

5. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal –

This app will provide you all the weight management whether weight loss, weight gain or bodybuilding, in this app you will get all the tracker rules that track your diet and calories.

Calorie counter has all the exercise plan for you according to your age, weight and gender that matters. you can add your friends to your goal through this app also join app community for external support and newsfeed.

This app also provides to add growth success photos in your profile, progress of chart, Nutrition chart and report and share your report with your family and friends.

Install this best fitness app for health and start living healthy and happy lifestyle.

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