Upcoming PS5 Games

Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try

Sony will launch PlayStation 5 (with Best PS5 Games) on November 12 in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Korea Japan, Mexico, and they launch it in India on November 19. Many gaming enthusiasts can’t wait to know about which kind of games will come with the PS5, so it is an article about Best PS5 Games You Should Try whenever you get the new PS5.

Upcoming PS5 Games

I have posted an article about the best PS4 games under 1k so you can visit that too if you have PS4 right now and want to know which kind of games will come at this price point. Many new games are on the way that will playable with PlayStation 5 and PS4 only, and many old games will come with new levels and newer armature and in parts.


So let’s discuss Best PS5 Games


1. Marvel’s Spider-Man – ( Miles Morales )

This game has very exciting features and comes in two edition one is the standard and the ultimate edition. PS5 features of this game can make it never before experience game and also, an award-winning game.

Best PS5 Games

Ultra-fast loading – The new miles morales marvel’s Spider-Man game take advantage of fast loading and push to the speed of starting, utilizing super rapid SSD. This means it will not take any time generally you start it and find the game instantly.

Advanced trigger – You can control the Spiderman – Miles Morales with your finger with the dual sense controllers and this is an advanced way to find target easily and play games with better enjoyment.

4K and superb visuals – Yes, Experience reflections on structures with beam following, and improved lighting, shadow, and character detail. A discretionary 60fps exhibition mode rejuvenates the Spider-Man universe. The new Spider-Man will give you extremely way better visuals in 4k and HDR.

New Haptic feedback engine – With the PS5 dual sense controllers, you can feel every shot, punches, venom blasts in your hand. All new haptic feedback engine comes with a high quality of vibration motor that gives immersive and a real feel of every action.

3D audio technology* – This game has 3D spatial audio technology, where you will listen to everything that happens around the rooftop and streets. Just you have to ensure that your headphone comes with 3D audio technology.

This will be the Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try when you buy PlayStation 5 Also, you can preorder it if you have a PS4.

2. Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War

This is the sequel of Call of duty – Black Ops, which will give you a fantastic way to feel hard truths and see historical figures as you fight the world over in famous areas like East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, Soviet KGB base camp and that’s just the beginning.

Best PS5 Games

As a world-class employable, follow the path of a shadowy figure determined to destabilize the worldwide overall influence and change the course of history. Drop into the dim focus of a worldwide trick close by notable characters Mason, Woods, and Hudson, just as another cast of agents endeavoring to stop a plot decade really taking shape.

Past the Campaign, Cold War brings an arms stockpile of weapons and hardware into the up and coming age of Multiplayer and Zombies encounters. This will be the great game of the Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try when you buy PlayStation 5 Also, you can preorder it if you have a PS4.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try

Grand Theft Auto means GTA is a very popular game and this time Investigate the staggering universe of Blaine County and Los Santos in a definitive Grand Theft Auto V experience, including the scope of specialized redesigns and upgrades for new and bringing players back. Notwithstanding expanded draw separations and higher goal, players can expect a scope of augmentations and upgrades including –

  • New weapons, vehicles, and activities
  • Enhanced damage and weather effects
  • Denser traffic
  • Additional wildlife
  • New foliage system and much more

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V, and the ever-advancing, shared universe of GTA Online are getting extended and improved for PlayStation 5 in this 2021 era. This will be the great game of the Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try when you buy PlayStation 5 Also, you can preorder it if you have a PS4.


FIFA is a very popular game for PS every year and FIFA 2021 is a great and worthy upgrade because you Feel Next Level in FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 with new innovation like blasting quick burden times, off-ball humanization, and regulator haptics that take The World’s Game from visual to instinctive.

Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try

FIFA 2021 comes with advanced exciting features like

  • Stunning visuals – Stadium lighting, pre-match cinematics, ambiance, and big goal moments, and more
  • Haptic feedback – In this 2021 you feel the better impact of shots, tackles, passes with great immersive haptic feedback you will feel in your hand that improves the gaming experience

The FIFA 2021 will comes in 3 editions

  • FIFA 21 standard edition
  • FIFA 21 Champions Edition
  • FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition

This will be one of the best games from this Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try when you buy PlayStation 5 Also, you can preorder it if you have a PS4.

5. Horizon Forbidden West

This is an adventure and action game, the visual will be epic when it will release this 2021. In the event that I will clarify in one sentence than a great yet risky wilderness that hides baffling new dangers.

In the event that I clarify it so this game will be about Explore far off grounds, battle greater and more sensational machines, and experience shocking new clans as you re-visitation the far-future, dystopian universe of Horizon.

Best PS5 Games

The land is biting the dust. Horrible tempests and a relentless curse attack the dispersed remainders of mankind, while fearsome new machines slink their outskirts. Life on Earth is rushing towards another elimination, and nobody knows why. This will be the great game of the Top 5 Best PS5 Games You Should Try when you buy PlayStation 5 Also, you can preorder it if you have a PS4.

Many More Improved games will be launched in late 2020 and upcoming 2021 with more exciting features that will kick you, and attract more than previous games. So it is worth buying? Yes, dear wait for the epic games when they will be launch in India I will provide links and explain the games.


More upcoming PS5 games like these can impress you, just check the list below ⇓

  • Marvel’s Avengers – Release date: Late 2020

  • Resident Evil Village – Release date: 2021

  • Hitman 3 – Release date: January 2021

  • Destruction AllStars – Release date: Feb 2021

  • Fortnite – Release date: Late 2020

  • Returnal – Release date: To be confirmed

  • Gran Turismo 7 – Release date: To be confirmed

  • Pragmata – Release date: 2022

  • Demon’s Souls – Release date: 12/11/2020

  • Godfall – Release date: Late 2020

  • Far Cry 6 – Release date: February 2021


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