best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs

Best Nose and Ear Trimmer Under 1000 Rs in India

If you are here, then surely you are searching for the best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs in India. These nose and ear trimmers are unisex, so this can buy women and men both.

best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs

I know guys, this is not that easy to insert any electric machine in your ear or nose but these trimmers are very safe and without any thought, you can clean your nose and ear hair from the best trimmer for nose and ear under 1k.


Many local and international brands are available in the Online market. Here I recommend some best Nose and Ear trimmer under 1000 Rs in India with better battery life and absolutely safe and with a manufacturing warranty from reputed brands.


This type of nose and ear trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery, which is inbuilt inside, also comes with a variable speed controller knob and a charging indicator to check charging level and battery low. The best unisex Nose & ear trimmer is the best grooming equipment these days.

As you know guys these are nose and ear unisex trimmers so, size-wise would be small and also very travel-friendly. You can charge it via the given USB cable in the box, so it can charge via car charger, power bank, Laptop, normal power adaptor.


List of the Best Nose and Ear trimmer under 1000 Rs


1. Wahl 5608-524 Mini Groomsman Grooming 3 in 1 Trimmer

This is the 3 in 1 trimmer, so you can use it as a multi-use trimmer like for Nose, Ear, Eyebrows, that’s a cool concept. This is the Wahl brand which is the most famous and expensive brand for trimming and cutting in-salon lines.

The best Nose and Ear Trimmer under 1000 Rs come with a Detail cutting head for the neckline, face and mustache means you can make your design and sharp your beard and mustache line according to you.

For nose hair cutting it comes with a rotary head, which is safe and gives very smooth trimming. the best trimmer for nose hair comes with a waterproofing feature, so you can use it as a dry and wet nose trimmer both. The build quality of the trimmer is very solid, lightweight, and sleek.

Provided 4 heads in the package, helps to clean unwanted hair from nose, ear, eyebrows, and sideburns. For charging and low battery indication, it has a LED light to indicate status. Also, the company gives 2 years of warranty.


2. Lifelong LLPCM03 Nose and Ear Trimmer Rechargeable

The lifelong brand is a consumer electronics company and provides multi-household items like iron, mixer grinder, toaster, trimmer, and many things more. They provide quality products at a lower price.

The best Nose and Ear trimmer under 1000 Rs comes with a NI-CD battery to use as a cordless nose trimmer. for a full charge, it takes 8 hours of charging time and use for 40 mins. The company gives a USB charging cable in the box.

In this nose trimmer, you will get a rotary blade system for a smooth and painless trimming experience. Given tip is also a washable material so after trimming nose hair just wash it for fast and pure cleaning.

If we are talking about build quality then this is the best trimmer for the nose which comes with a sleek and lightweight design. Also, the used material is very solid. Given an LED light indicator helps to see the battery status.

Now if you get one year of warranty for an electronic item, so it will be great because for an electronic item like a trimmer this is a must.


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3. Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

If you are looking for a trimmer at a decent price then The best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs comes with multi-head options. From multi heads, you can trim your nose hair, ear hair, mustache, sideburns, neck, hand, chest, and eyebrows as well.

The best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs comes with a stainless steel blade for a smooth and safe trimming experience. Inbuilt micro touches technology prevents the blade from never hurts your inside area of nose and ear. Provided extra 2 combs for chest, mustache, neck/sideburns and eyebrows trimming.

This is a cordless battery-operated trimmer, you don’t have an option for recharge just use and replace the battery, and also comes with a LED indicator that works as a torch as well. The build quality is very solid and design-wise very sleek and comfortable to hold shape.

This is the best cheapest trimmer for nose under 1000 rs in India which comes with all in one grooming kit, also a AAA battery is included in the box.


4. Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer

If we are talking about trimmer, so how can we forget the Philips brand. The most selling trimmer company is Philips in the whole market. They provide a great trimmer experience at a great and decent price segment.

The best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs has Protectube technology, that prevents from getting scratches on skin and also accidentally cuts. The blade is made of stainless steel and has a sharp and ultra-precise cutting slot for a smooth and fast trimming experience.

This best trimmer for the nose upper tip design is better ergonomic and long. Which can easily reach every hair in the nose and ear as well. Philips nose trimmer has waterproofing technology so after trimming just wash the trimmer tip and trimmer for a better cleaning experience.

In the box, the protective cap, user manual, and AA battery included, the best trimmer for the ear also comes with power-efficient technology. The Philips provides 2 years of warranty on this nose and ear trimmer.


5. Panasonic ER417K Nose and Ear Hair Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic is a trustworthy brand in the world, this is a company from Japan and delivers a quality product. The best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs comes with a battery-operated mechanism means you have to replace the battery. in this trimmer re-charge option is not available.

The Trimmer for the nose and ear comes with 60-degree inner sharp stainless steel for a smooth and better trimming experience. For blade protection, the Panasonic brand gives a transparent cap to protect the blade tip from the accidental brake.

From my experience in the trimmer section waterproofing technology is a must and guess what? this is a wet and dry nose trimmer, so just trim and wash for a good cleaning experience. The brand provides 2 years of warranty on this product.

In the box, you will get 1 unit of a trimmer, a protective cap, a user manual, and a AA battery for power. The build quality of the best ear trimmer is very solid and durable, design-wise very comfortable to hold, and sleek.


6. Beurer HR 2000 Precision Cordless Nose

This is a trimmer from the Beurer brand and this is an advanced trimmer for an advanced person. When you hold the trimmer in hand this feels very premium and comfortable.

The best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs comes with fast charging technology, if you are in a hurry and the trimmer is fully discharged. Just plug it on and it will charge you in fast charging technology. You can trim 20 mins from 5 mins of the fast charging system.

This trimmer for the nose and ear has a double edge blade for a better and smooth trimming experience. Also, the blade tip is removable so you can clean it from the water after the trim. The given rotary blade system can rotate at a 360-degree angle for painless and buttery smooth cutting.

The provided motor inside this best trimmer for nose hair is inbuilt from a mute motor which produces less than 50db noise while you are trimming nose and ear hair.

If we are going to talk about the design and build, be careful this is not a bad trimmer because this one is well built and comes in pen design. If you are a traveler or goes outside for business meetings then this is for you guys, it is an advanced nose and ear trimmer for an advanced person like you.

The best trimmer for ear comes with an inbuilt lithium battery with a USB charging cable so you can charge it via car charger, normal mobile charging adopter, laptop, and a power bank by given USB cable. Also, the brand gives a cleaning brush in the box content.


7. TOUCHBeauty Essentials LED Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

This is a battery-operated trimmer, not a re-chargeable nose trimmer. The best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs comes with an AA battery which can run longer. Touch Beauty Essentials is a brand for grooming products and delivers quality products.

The trimmer for the nose and ear comes with a stainless steel rotary blade system, which gives you a Precise and safe trimming experience for your nose and ear. The in-built LED light works as a torch, so in the darker light conditions room, you can easily trim.

The design and build are very premium and this is a portable nose and ear trimmer so, you can keep it for travel. The motor is very powerful but produces very low noise while trimming nose and ear hair.


Final words about best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs

In this best nose and ear trimmer under 1000 Rs list, few models are battery operated and some re-chargeable technology. The best all-in-one nose trimmer comes with a manufacturing brand warranty.

All are the best trimmer for nose and ear so choose according to tour preferences and take for travel and for an outside business meeting because to attend a meeting you should look very clean and groom.

Thank You 😎 Have a Nice Day

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